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Hinckley Masters

What is Masters Swimming?

Masters Swimming is for swimmers who have reached the grand old age of 25 but still feel that they want to continue swimming for their own reasons.

We have swimmers aged 25 to 55. We have novice swimmers to ex-international swimmers. 

It's not about being the best. It's not about competing all the time. Masters Swimming is about achieving what you want to achieve. 

A personal best time that is only 10 seconds slower than you did 10 years ago
Beating your son/daughter over 50 metres freestyle, or any stroke you think they are good at (well maybe?)
A good night out
Social nights 
Fund raising
Weekly training 
Regular competitions, we even go to the Masters World Championships every 2 years

Hinckley Masters do all this and many other things as well. Its all for fun!

If you would like to find out more about Masters Swimming at Hinckley Swimming Club e-mail

Masters Swimming is for life, not for kids

Hinckley Masters, Masters World Championships, Sheffield 1996

Forthcoming Events

Sunderland Masters Gala                                        19th February 2000                    A great weekend away at the seaside

Sponsored Channel Swim                                       27th February 2000                    A 12 hour swim to help raise funds for the Masters' chosen charity 'Rainbows Children's' Hospice', and helping the team to go to the World Championships in Munich later in the year. Lots of fun and helping a very worthwhile charity. 

Basingstoke Masters Gala                                      26th March 2000                         We always enjoy the meal on the way home

Midlands Masters, Leamington Spa                       28th - 30th April 2000                Competitive but local. A great test.

World Masters, Munich, Germany                           27th July - 4th August                 A great experience 


If you are already going to any of these events, let us know e-mail   


If you would like to find out more  e-mail, or call in to the Club and meet the masters at 9.00pm Tuesday nights at Hinckley Leisure Centre.


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